Zettia was born from desire

We have created this digital meeting point with the aim of offering it to those women who are not satisfied with just speaking... but who want to actually do more. To walk. To move. To grow.
If you are here, it is because you identify with this philosophy of living. And we have a lot to offer you.
What characterizes us?
Our Founder

From a very young age, Sofia Calzetti dreamed of being an active woman, full of purposes to pursue. Of dreams to fulfill.
Of dreams to fulfill.
"I spent a long time analyzing how I could make it happen, going through all kinds of emotions... Until I decided to start. By start doing."
It was at that moment when everything began to flow and, without further ado, a team of hard-working,passionate, and talented people began to take shape.

We believe in contradictions

We are made of different faces, vertices, edges. We are a polyhedral set of states and emotions. And we love ourselves this way. Active, energetic and sincere with ourselves.
Because we want to take care of all these faces, we have a proposal for each of yourmoods..
A universe of values and beliefs

Zettia was not only created as an activewear fashion project. . It was also the birth of a whole universe where Sofia managed to pour all her values and beliefs. 
"That is the part that excites me the most; that it is not just a brand, but an inspiration, an accompaniment, a support for all those women who want it. For those who are in the process of becoming the kind of woman they want to be. Active, empowered."
Because every exterior change starts from the inside.

Are you ready?
Take a seat..

The Zettia team welcomes you to your best mood.”.

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